About Embroidery

BarnSmart works with several top-quality embroidery partners, and we can handle virtually any embroidery request.  Simple embroidery options are a monogram or a name on your BarnSmart item.  The name can be yours, your horse's, your barn name, or anything you want!


Monograms $30.00 each

Click Monograms to see our monogram options.


Text names $4.00 per letter

Click Fonts to see available text fonts.


Logos - We can also work with you and our embroidery partners to embroider custom logos.  Each logo presents unique embroidery requirements, and prices are dependent on logo size, complexity, and your starting point. 

In order for an embroidery machine to sew your logo, it must be converted to a digital embroidery file.  If you have already have had this done, we can use your existing file.  If not, we work with our partners to convert your logo artwork to the required digital file (anything from hand drawn to computerized images will work as a starting point.)  Because each logo  order is unique, we will discuss your request with you and provide a firm price quotation before proceeding. 



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