About Trophy Ribbon Quilts, Wall Hangings, Teddy Bears and Horses

How many ribbons will you need? 

Ribbon items can be made with as few as sixteen ribbons for a pillow or as many as hundreds of ribbons for a large quilt or wall hanging. Of course, there are many options in between those two ends of the spectrum. 

When we talk about the number of ribbons, we really mean the number of strands of ribbons.  Some trophy ribbons are a single strand, while many have three strands (one printed and two plain), and some ribbons have even more strands.  In addition, ribbons come in different lengths and widths. This affects the number of ribbons required for certain projects. For some but not all designs, ribbons need to be of uniform width. 

Given these variables, here are some guidelines.

        A four foot by four foot wall hanging typically requires somewhere around 100 ribbons. 

        A teddy bear needs about 60 ribbons and a horse takes about 30 ribbons.   

        The bear and horse estimates are based on 2 inch wide ribbons, about 18 inches long.  If you have 8 inch long ribbons, more ribbons are required.

        We can supply blank ribbons in common colors to fill in borders if needed.

How is your specific design created?

You can be as involved or uninvolved in the design process as you like.  Some clients want a certain design: chevron, diamond, squares, stars, etc.  Others would prefer to have us make the decision. Once we see your ribbons we can help you decide which designs would work the best based on the size, color and number of your ribbons.  Be sure to let us know if you have a certain size requirement to fit your display space.  If you have one or two special ribbons you want to keep intact, they can be worked into the design.

What else can be included in a trophy ribbon design?

Photographs can be transferred to fabric and included in your quilt.  Other things we have included on a wall quilt include medals and embroidery from prize coolers.  We are always happy to hear your ideas and enjoy creating something unique for you.


Wall hangings average $25.00 per square foot; for example, a 4 x 4 (16 square feet) quilted wall hanging would be $400.00.  Prices can vary depending on the difficulty of the design.  Teddy bears and Horses are $240.00.  An optional, hand-made leather saddle and bridle can be added to the horse for $60.00.



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