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The BarnSmart Stall Bag

Happy's Dream Ranch barn aisle with custom stall bags: neat, organized, ready for the show.




The  BarnSmart Stall Bag hangs on a stall door, blanket bar , vertical bars, or horse trailer  and holds all you need. Everything in the left photo is in the stall bag on the right.  A heavy quilted winter blanket only fills the bag half way. Really! 

Two interior pockets keep polo wraps, quilted leg wraps and other smaller items at hand.  A metal bar in the upper back edge of the bag provides stability and retains the bag shape, while an unbreakable, bendable polycarbonate stiffener in the top edge of  the upper front bag prevents sagging and makes it easy to load!  Steel and plastic bars can be removed to wash bag in regular washing machine or rinse off  with hose.

 Extend the life of expensive horse clothing by keeping it clean.

 Make cleaning barn aisles easier with no trunk or clothing obstacles in the way.

 Keep all your horse paraphernalia in one place.

 Easily transportable to shows.

 Create a professional look in your barn.



Standard stall bags

BarnSmart's standard stall bags are available in four popular colors: hunter green, navy, burgundy, and black.  All colors have tan trim.  Click Order Standard Bags to see photos and ordering information.


Custom color stall bags

We also manufacture our stall bags in a wide variety of custom bag and trim colors. 

Click Order Custom Bagsfor details and ordering information, or click Stall Bag Photos for a gallery of custom stall bag photographs.


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